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American Football


Fundamentals and technique work for your offensive linemen



Here at the OH Line Academy, our goal is to train our athletes so that they can dominate the line of scrimmage better next fall. Up until now, our focus has been training athletes on an individual basis - not training the entire team. However, for an offensive line to be its strongest, every player must be putting in the work.

To best prepare your team for the upcoming fall season, we are proud to now offer Custom Team Camps at The OH Line Academy for schools in Ohio and the surrounding area.

These camps are designed to train your offensive line as a unit - learning to work together effectively and hone in on the necessary skills for success. If you are a football coach looking to improve the success of your o-line in the offseason, look no further.

These camps are completely custom to your needs. We will work with you to design a program that will fit the needs of your team while also offering our expertise and guidance. You know where your team needs to go, and we can help you get them there.


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To ensure a personalized, quality coaching experience, we offer a free consultation call to find the best fit for your son.

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Turn Weakness Into Strength

Our small group training atmosphere provides a perfect combination of competition and coaching, so you can dominate on the field next fall.

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Need some questions answered? Not sure which program is best for your son? We recommend a short phone call with Coach Tyrel to pick the right program and ensure your son’s success. Schedule a call below:

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