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Middle School Football Training Programs

Off-Season Football Programs for Athletes in 6-8th Grade

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Athletic Foundations

Athletic Development for Middle School Football Players

Want to be better than your opponents next season? Our middle school foundations program is available year round to help your son develop into a better athlete.


We focus on:

  • Speed and agility

  • Strength

  • Balance and coordination 

  • Body awareness and control

Offensive Line Skills

Run and Pass Blocking Skills For Middle School Offensive Linemen

As a lineman, your technique and fundamentals are crucial to your success on the field.



  • Basic fundamentals such as stance and footwork

  • Run and pass blocking technique

  • How to finish blocks

  • Zone, Gap, and Man blocking concepts

  • Skills that translate to any offensive system

Defensive Line Skills

Specialized fundamentals and technique work for middle school defensive linemen


  • Stance and starts

  • Run and pass rush skill development

  • Defensive line footwork and hand fighting techniques

  • How to play with leverage and get off blocks

Give Us a Call

Need some questions answered? Not sure which program is best for your son? We recommend a short phone call with Coach Tyrel to pick the right program and ensure your son’s success.

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