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Fundamentals and technique work for high school offensive linemen



The O-Line is the most difficult position to develop, yet they have the least options for off-season development. Neglecting the crucial time between seasons to build better fundamentals and improve skills will leave you unprepared in the fall.




One or two day football camps will not produce the results you want. That's why The OH Line Academy's football camp runs all off-season. Choose from winter, spring, and summer camp options to maximize your growth as an offensive lineman and guarantee your success on the field this fall. 

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Practices 2x/week

The offensive line is the most difficult position to develop. Read more...

The offensive line is the most difficult position to develop. It takes time, dedication, and attention to detail. Our offensive line skill development program works on building a solid foundation of fundamentals in run and pass blocking that will strengthen any lineman's skillset.


Film Study 1x/week

Developing your skills off the field is just as important as on. Read more...

Developing your skills off the field is just as important as on the field. Improve your football IQ through detailed film sessions of each practice. Learn quickly with detailed feedback on your performance. Studying film is proven to develop you faster as an offensive lineman.


June Training Dates

May 31 - June 27

Practice (2/wk):

Group 1: M/W   11:00am-12:30pm

Group 2: M/W   6:00-7:30pm

Group 3: TBD

Practice Location:

7030 Coffman Rd, Dublin, OH

July Training Dates

June 28 - July 28th (Off June 29-July 5)

Film Day (1/wk):

Group 1: Friday  11:00am-12:30pm

Group 2: Friday   12:30pm-2:00pm

Group 3: TBD

Film Location:

The OH Line Academy

8500 Warner Rd Ste 200, Plain City, OH


Enrollment for Spring and Summer Camp is now open!

Groups limited to 10 athletes

Spots are limited! Sign up today!

Summer Skills and Drils

To ensure a personalized, quality coaching experience, we offer a free consultation call to find the best fit for your son.

Schedule a Call

Talk to head coach Tyrel Detweiler to determine if off-season training is right for you.

Sign Up

Sign up for the program(s) that best fit your son's needs.

Turn Weakness Into Strength

Our small group training atmosphere provides a perfect combination of competition and coaching, so you can dominate on the field next fall.

Schedule A Call

Need some questions answered? Not sure which program is best for your son? We recommend a short phone call with Coach Tyrel to pick the right program and ensure your son’s success. Schedule a call below:

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